About Delta Sugar Company

In 1978 Deltasugar compay was established as the first company to produce sugar from beets in egypt , in 1982 the first line of production was completed with a busy ton of beet capacity 8000 tons / day to produce 100,000 tons of sugar per season

This is followed by a daubling of production by the constraction of the second line with a busy ton of beet capacity 10,000 tons / day First and the second line equipments has been upgraded and total production capacity increased to 300,000 tons per season This is due to efforts made ine the sectors of agriculture and f actories and the demand of farmers to grow the crop of bean , which achieved the best return among the winter crops competition .The company’s factories are located in zawiya area in el-Hamoul center kafr Al-sheikh governorate , And 33 km north of Kafr Al-sheikh governorate and 175 km from the capital Cairo

Production capacity and carrying capacity

The second line was launched in the spring of 1998 with a nominal capacity of 10,000 ton beets/day at a cost of about 550 million pounds to produce 1200 tons of white sugar per day , Other than the by-products of dried beet and mollas As a result of the continuous effort of all employees in the company’s sectors , the production capacity of the company’s factories has reached to

  • 340,000 tons White Sugar Crystals
  • 300,000 tons Refind Sugar Crystals
  • 100,000 tons Sugar Cubes
  • 140,000 tons Dry Beet Pulp Pellets
  • 120,000 tons Molasses
  • 120,000 feddan By Contractual agriculture system
  • 2,000 Technician and Adminstrator of the Company