Molasses is he final liquid of beet juice after extracting sugar from it Molasses is used as an essential ingerdient in the animal feed industry , fermentation and distillation to produce Alcohol , Carbon dioxide , Inverted Molasses liquer and backer ’s yeast of all kinds

Delta sugar company produces ±100.000 tons of beet molasses , Most of them are exported to european markets and rest in the domestic market

Molasses is used in many indusatries such as ) Alcohol Perfume , Natural vinegar , Biofuel , Organic esters , Organic thinner and solvents ) CO2 , inverted molasses liqued , Vinas , Bread yeast of all kinds

Molasses Specification

Brix Purity Total nitrogen Reducing sugar Ash ph
%80 %61 %1.5 %0.20 %12 9.00