Chairman Message

Its pleasure to welcome you in Delta Sugars website,the biggest and pioneering company for sugar beet in Egypt and Middle East to know about the developments and successes that company achieved it and the diversity of its production from white sugar, sugar cubes , refining Sugar, molasses and dried beet Pulp.

Former president Mohamed Anwar al-Sadat established the company Factories in elhamol city in kafr el sheikh in 1978 the first leading company for producing sugar beet in Egypt and the middle east , starts the first production line in 1981 , then recently a New production line ( second line ) has been established  in 1997 to increase production till it become productive capacity for company factories for sugar from beet

  1. Producing 340 thousand tons of white sugar annually ( local and export )
  2. Producing molasses from beet 120 thousand tons annually (local and export)
  3. Producing the pulp of beets 140 thousand tons  annually ( local and export ).

In addition to refining units that were added to the factories to refine raw sugar to cover the gap between production and domestic consumption of sugar in Egypt.

The company has obtained many total quality certificates in production to achieve the standard specifications for its products in addition to the safety and occupational health certificates for the safety and security of workers in factories and environmental conformity certificates.

The company seeks to increase the cultivated areas of beets annually and increase the productivity of acres to increase Egypts sugar production and always boast of all the achievements and successes we have achieved and we strive to continue improving the progress and growth process and we will always work in the interest of the national economy and in support of the national industry and credibility in the performance of work and care for the interests of our people beet farmers For the benefit of our dear homeland, Egypt

Thanks and appreciation to the members of the board directors,
gentlemen and shareholders of the company and gentlemen of the company for the effort and generosity of this great edifice.

,, Long Live Egypt

Chairman and managing director
Dr / Ahmed abo el yazeed